2018 Events

This year Magnify World bring you two Expos, Toronto and Melbourne, visit our events page to register your interest in these two events.

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VR/AR Future Technology Events

Welcome to Magnify World

Specialists in delivering outstanding results in the dynamic and fast area of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Magnify World brings together keynote experts from brands and business around the globe to deliver high impact and dynamic events that are designed to inspire innovation within the technology sector empowering local and international collaboration

From inspiration to economic growth our events will connect your community, increase innovation and inspire the future

Business summits

Magnify Worlds augmented reality and virtual reality expos have attracted over 2,700 people, 3 million twitter impressions, including 84 speakers over the last 2 years and generated over $2 million in publicity covering television, print, and online press

The event showcases world class AR/VR experiences from start-ups and fortune 500 companies showcasing new innovations in this industry sector

The event offers interactive workshops, panel discussions, and demonstrations that allow the audience to connect and build important new business connections. The panels have included, gaming, Hollywood film and television, tourism, education, finance (including AI), real estate, creative and advertising, new tech and investment

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