Craig Meek

Craig was the founder of Virtual Spectator, In 1999 America Cup was the first LIVE Sports event to use virtual reality over the internet. At the time Virtual Spectator used a combination of CD and the internet to create a Realtime 3D experience that enabled over 50,000 people from around the world to pay per view on a subscription basis, providing users the ability to control their personal view of the data. Users were able to fly into any location on the race course at any time. VS integrated weather feeds overlaid with the boat position to allow viewers the ability to plot and predict the best route around the course.

Virtual Spectator used America’s Cup to be the first sport in the World to exploit Realtime 3D visualisation using GPS location based data which paved the way to how we now are exploring AR and VR experiences. In 2002 Craig worked with Man United and Real Madrid on player tracking technologies with the key objective of solving how to virtually recognise the offside line.

During this period craig was also involved in Developing parallel racing for the World Rally Championship which enabled GPS data to be combined to allow TV viewers the ability to compare car performances across the various stages of the rally. VS then developed the race line for Formula 1 enabling viewers the ability to see a driver’s style and consistency around the track. The batsman’s ray for cricket allowed fans to historically view where the runs would be scored during an innings.

Craig is now head of Product for Arival Sports and Entertainment where he leads a team of AR guru developers and architects as they explore new visualisation techniques using AR, mixed reality and Realtime data which will bring the fans back into the game.

Craig Meek

Arival Sports and Entertainment

Director/ Head of Product