Lance K. Zuckerbraun

An award-winning Sales Management Executive visionary with more than 20 years of Team building and motivation, along with top-ranked sales performance in diverse industries and global market sectors.

My background includes successful experience building domestic and international networks of sourcing, manufacturing, and sales partners for companies including Ed Hardy Motorsports and Body Glove.

I am particularly strong in creating the vision for innovative products, identifying market opportunities, and introducing strategies that deliver the maximum sales potential.

As a leader, I am an expert in engaging, empowering, and rallying people around strategic sales initiatives and new product innovations.

Most recently, I have been shepherding an organization of more than 1,600 youth soccer players and 3,000+ parents as part of the AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). While the organization has been experiencing a decline in participation nationwide, I grew my region to achieve a 12% increase in player registrations. 

Lance K. Zuckerbraun

Senior Vice President

Global – Business Development 

310.968.1111 USA

Skype. Lancekz13