Mike Boorn Plener

Mike is a catalyst for change in people, organisations and markets. He has an uncanny ability to find value where nobody else sees it. He loves equally working on a strategic level, but always going into a deep dive to ensure the team can execute before proceeding.

Through his career he has built several successful software-related businesses, worked on the largest consumer databases in Australia and spent time in corporate.

Today Mike focuses on helping smaller entrepreneurial businesses grow rapidly and raise capital through a highly curated approach to accelerated business growth.

Mike studied at the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School gaining a double degree. He’s passionate about business, food, travel and his family.

He has spoken at a number of events and led various panels on stage. His very first public speaking engagement was at age 27 in front of 300+ people in Helsinki.


Catapult is driven by selection of best of breed businesses growing these through a rigorous, structured approach, individually tailored to successful entrepreneurs.

We help business owners build revenue, create systems, establish a board and raise capital. Catapult clients can always draw on our unprecedented network of curated experts, investors, board members and top corporate contacts.

Catapult serves early-stage founders looking to secure high growth, as well as experienced operators looking to start a new growth spurt. We also run programs for those currently in a job with a ‘business in the belly’ with a penchant for success.