Nick Wright

Nick has been multi-disciplined all his working life. For 14 years he has worked simultaneously as a business co-founder, TV commercial director, visual effects supervisor and vocal advocate for useful and engaging new tech tools.

His first enterprise was as Co-Founder and Director at AIRBAG (, a globally recognised and award winning commercial production company in Melbourne in which he is still a partner and shareholder.

Nicks current roll is as CEO and Co-Founder of FGMNT, a VR & 360° product development company.

FGMNT has developed the 360° media platform and creation suite SITU360, which gives individuals and businesses alike, the ability to easily create and share advanced 360° tours and experiences.

Nick is a fluent Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality communicator and now leads the SITU360 team, running product strategy and leading the direction of the company.

Nick Wright​


+61 418 577 711​