Simone Barker

Simone is a seasoned experiential, design and visual effects producer of over 25 years working in New York, London and Sydney. She has worked on all genres of content for clients all over the world. As Head of Production at Cutting Edge, Sydney, she built and managed the VFX department, producing VFX for TVC as well as feature films.  Simone‚Äôs unique technical understanding of Visual Effects technology provided the perfect foundation for the move to the new technologies of virtual and augmented reality, where she is focused on bringing feature film level quality visuals to virtual and augmented reality.

As Co-Founder and Head of Production at Virtual Immersive, Simone is responsible for the innovation initiatives, including the joint venture with eLearning specialist Workstar, with whom VI have created a VR learning platform focusing on soft skills specifically in the areas of leadership training and empathy training. As well as the Augmented Reality Dementia Platform (Remote Care Kit) which uses wearable AR technology to support dementia sufferers.

Simone Barker, Co Founder and Head of Production, Virtual Immersive