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Magnify World Government Partnership, Economic Benefits

  • Benchmark/position your state or city as a AR/VR innovation capital powering creative services/digital economy and top 10 digital and innovation city worldwide.
  • Attract offshore venture capital funds and Fortune 500 brands to invest in your region & network with these organizations (offer trade incentive deals to set up at a innovation development studio to foster development.
  • For example Australia and New Zealand is attracting major corporations already like Magic Leap who raised 1.9 billion in startup capital and has over 30 employees now working in conjunction with Sir Peter Jackson and his partner Richard Taylor. In addition they have launched Apples new global AR showcases and developing Hollywood’s next legacy around the next set of Avatar movies with James Cameron.
  • Development companies like Unity, HTC, Unreal & Epic games are now expanding their local operations and expanding into education resources.
  • Off the back of Magnify governments invested millions to set up a co development work spaces which Magnify co-founded which are set up to attract major brands to support and co-development of the industry like HP, Microsoft and Datacom.
  • Attract and expand government free trade agreements worldwide.
  • Document/preserve indigenous historical legacy for use in local/global museums and general access.
  • Develop high visibility press and innovation status to create new jobs and drive the economy.

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